The development strategy for the Unified National Electric Grid (UNEG) (hereafter, referred to as – Strategy) for the ten-year period is crafted once every five years. The primary Strategy document is the UNEG Development Concept, which identifies fundamental problems in grid development and conceptually outlines trends for performance improvement and sustainable UNEG development. The main design and scientific-research institute in the industry, as well as leading organizations in the Russian Academy of Sciences which conduct business in the electric power industry, are involved in Strategy design.

The wide range of documents is used to design Strategy. These are applicable laws regulating activities in the electric power industry, sub-ordinate legal acts adopted by the Government of the Russian Federation and relevant ministries and authorities, resolutions made by the Boards of Directors and Management Boards in JSC RAO UES of Russia and JSC Federal Grid Company, as well as socio-economic documents across different administrative levels. Work on the power industry outlook and the analysis of the scientific-and-technological advance guidelines in the industry are applied as well.

As of now, the Strategy determines the five main target trends in UNEG development: in the area of the electric power industry, in the fuel and energy complex, in ecology, in policy and in the area of geo-political interests.

Strategic objectives of UNEG development are accomplished by PJSC Federal Grid Company. The Company’s key development goals are as follows:

  • To develop electric grids;
  • To provide for power plant capacity;
  • To arrange conditions for the reliable power supply of consumers;
  • To cope with fixed asset ageing;
  • To develop centralized technological control of electric grids;
  • To create grid and technological infrastructure;
  • To join participants of the wholesale market to the electric grid;
  • To bring the UNEG technical level up to world standards;
  • To upgrade operating performance by reducing costs, unit costs incidental to operation and losses in UNEG grids;
  • To implement unified strategy in the area of investments and raising capital.

JSC Federal Grid Company resolves numerous tasks to achieve the sought-after goals:

  • Restructuring the electric grid complex;
  • Providing for reliable technological performance and UNEG development;
  • Managing capital construction;
  • Management of scientific and technological support for UNEG development and effective performance;
  • Providing for good corporate governance and laying the legal groundwork for UNEG performance.