Company Overview

Federal Grid Company is a Russian power company that transmits electricity via the Unified National Electric Grid (UNEG). We have the status of a natural monopoly for this activity.

The Company is the number one publicly traded global electricity transmission company based on the length of transmission lines (139.1 thousand kilometers) and transformer capacity (334.5 GVA).

Federal Grid Company’s unique infrastructure is a backbone of the Russian economy. Our units are located in 77 regions of the Russian Federation, spanning a total area of 15.1 mln sq. kilometers.

We have more than 23.4 thousand employees.


Federal Grid Company is the largest Russian utility company based on market capitalization. It is included in the MSCI Emerging Markets and MSCI Russia indices.

21072011_m_3.jpgThe largest part of our revenues is generated via tariffs for electricity transmission, approved by the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation (FAS Russia) based on RAB-regulation. Our main consumers are regional distribution companies, retail electricity supply companies and large industrial enterprises.

21072011_m_4.jpgSignificant growth prospects are based on a large-scale investment program, as well as on our management team’s commitment to innovation and modernization.

Key Activities of Federal Grid Company:

  • Managing the UNEG;
  • Providing electricity transmission services and connecting WECM participants to the electricity grid;
  • Investment activities in the UNEG development;
  • Engaging in the UNEG technical supervision of the UNEG grid facilities.