Technological connection

Technological connection is a complex service rendered by Federal Grid Company for legal entities and individuals with a view to offer an opportunity for electric power consumption (delivery), and providing actual connection of consumers’ electric devices to the electric grid facilities.

Service for technological connection is rendered as follows:

  • for connection of energy receiving devices (electric power installations) placed in commission for the first time;
  • in case of capacity increase in the earlier connected renewal energy receiving devices (electric power installations);
  • in cases when the following changes occur with regard to the earlier connected receiving devices (electric power installations): category of electric power supply reliability; connection points; kinds of operation performed, which do not involve review of value of the connected capacity, but change scheme of external electric power supply in such energy receiving devices.

Federal Grid Company and its affiliates – Backbone electrical grids (MESes) connect consumers to the Unified national electrical grid for voltage in range up to 1150 kV.

Responsibility to conclude agreement on technological connection to the grids of Federal Grid Company as well as control over implementation of such an agreement is under jurisdiction of the executive body of Federal Grid Company or its affiliates (MESes), if customer application meets the following criteria:

Executive body of Federal Grid Company Federal Grid Company affiliates (MESes)
Technical connection voltage 220 kV and more* Up to 110 kV inclusively

* The area of Federal Grid Company executive office responsibility also includes technological connection related to increase in transfer capability, change in the scheme designed for connection of the existing transmission lines either construction of new ones including overhangs 220 kV and above.

Fee for technological connection is determined by the Federal Tariff Service of the Russian Federation on an individual basis for each connection. The fee amount is formed basing on the need to recover all the costs of Federal Grid Company for such a connection.

Federal Grid Company key indicators for technological connection in 2009-2011
2009 2010 2011
Number of technical connection technical connection agreements    44    97    135
Aggregate capacity, MVA   3.92

Funds derived from technological connection are one of financing sources applied for the investment program in Federal Grid Company. Prior to 2011 volume of investments in Federal Grid Company in grids development will comprise circa 456.2 bln. rubles. Including 23.7 bln. rubles – connection fee.