Mission and Strategy

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The mission of PJSC FGC UES is to ensure reliable operation and development of Unified National Power Grid in line with economic growth, as well as high economic efficiency and maximum cost reduction.

Main directions of strategic development of PJSC FGC UES are described in the Long-term Development Program established by the decision of the Board of Directors (protocol No. 243 dated 22 December 2014). This Program is agreed with the interested federal executive authorities and approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. 

The long-term development program was developed in accordance with the targets and provisions of “Strategy of development of the integrated power grid of the Russian Federation” No. 511-r dated 03 April 2013 and established by the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation and Methodological recommendations on the development of long-term development programs, which were approved by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation in 2014. 

The updated Long-term Development Program has now been developed in view of more stringent conditions of business environment in the foregoing period due to the change of external factors and overall economic performance in 2014-2015. It clarifies goals and objectives, as well as measures to achieve them. The program was updated to ensure that the Company’s long-term goals and objectives would correspond to the needs of grid users and shareholders’ expectations to the fullest extent, and would be realistic and attainable. The updated program focuses on the direction of cost economy. This has been reflected in the establishment of cost reduction objective that are more challenging than provided for in the instructions of the Government of the Russian Federation, and in using more precautionary approach to plan grid development and to earnings yield. 

With account for the tasks in implementation of the strategy of development of the power grid facilities in the Russian Federation, PJSC FGC UES focuses on the following strategic goals till 2030: 
  • Provision of reliability and quality of services; 
  • Maintaining financial stability and independence and ensuring rise in value of PJSC FGC UES; 
  • Development of the UNPG with account for the technical and economic optimization of the backbone grid; 
  • Meeting the consumer demand for the services of PJSC FGC UES with account for the regional specifics, demand structure and increase of the capacities efficient use; 
  • Consolidation of all the power grid facilities under the control of PJSC FGC UES, which make part of the UNPG and meet the UNPG qualfication ciriteria. 
  • Strategic missions of PJSC FGC UES for the period of 2015-2019. 
  • Maintaining the high reliability level;
  • Reduction of specific investment expensed by 30% in 2017 compared with 2012; 
  • Implementation of the country-critical investment projects within the schedule set; 
  • Compliance with the technical and economic feasibility principles in making decisions about the backbone grid development; 
  • Incorporate the technological connection economic model based on the balance of interests and equitable distribution of risks between the applicant and the Company; 
  • Reduce specific operating expenses by at least 30% in 2017 as compared with 2012, while avoiding decline in the level of reliability and cost increase in future periods. 
  • Optimize the utilization of existing capacity of power supply network; 
  • Develop the program of step-by-step consolidation of all the power grid facilities making part of the UNPG and meeting the UNPG qualification criteria; 
  • Maintain the credit rating of PJSC FGC UES at the level of sovereign credit rating of the Russian Federation and ensure profit improvement and value of the Company.