Corporate Governance

Federal Grid Company pays great attention to working with its shareholders and investors and strictly adheres to legislative requirements related to information transparency.

Striving to meet the highest standards of corporate governance, our Company is governed by the principles set out in the Federal Grid’s Corporate Governance Code, as well as the Russian Corporate Governance Code, gradually integrates new requirements and recommendations into its practices and constantly improves mechanisms for the implementation of the above principles.

The principles of Federal Grid Company’s corporate governance policy:

Accountability. The Company’s Board of Directors is accountable to all shareholders in full compliance with all applicable legislation. Accountability also governs the Board of Directors in the development of strategy and the performance of supervision and control over the activities of the executive bodies of the Company.

Fairness. The Company is committed to defending shareholders’ rights and to treating all shareholders equally. The Board of Directors provides all shareholders with an effective defense in case any of these rights are violated.

Transparency. The Company ensures prompt information disclosure about all significant facts related to its business activities, including: its financial status, social and ecological results, business results, ownership structure and Company management. The Company also offers free access to this information for all interested parties.

Responsibility. The Company recognizes all interested parties’ rights as provided for by applicable legislation and in addition, aims to cooperate with these parties with the ultimate goal of developing the Company and ensuring financial stability.