Federal Grid Company’s dividend policy is based on strict adherence to and respect for shareholders’ rights, as provided for in applicable legislation of the Russian Federation, the Company’s Articles of Association and Regulations on the Dividend Policy.

2014-2016 dividend payments

1Q 2014 2014 2015 2016 1Q 2017 2017
RAS non-consolidated net profit, RUB thousand 1,210,472
Dividends payable for all issued shares, RUB thousand 436,803.164
Dividend per share, RUR

* Annual General Shareholders Meeting (AGM) decided not to pay dividends

More information on the Annual General Shareholders Meeting can be found here.

Procedure for announcing and paying dividends:

  • The Company has the right – based on Q1, H1, 9M and/or FY financial results – to decide (announce) dividend payments on placed shares. The decision to pay (announce) dividends based on Q1, H1 and 9M results can be taken at any point in time during the three months following the completion of the applicable period;
  • The Company strives to increase dividend pay-outs to shareholders based on net profit made during the financial accounting period and the Company’s needs for production development and investment activity;
  • The decision to pay out (announce) dividends, including a decision on the size of dividends and the form of dividend payments for shares of each category (type) is made at the Company’s General Shareholders Meeting;
  • The dividend may not be greater than the amount recommended by the Company’s Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Directors determine the recommended amount of dividend payments on shares based on the Company’s financial results, adhering to balancing both the Company’s and shareholders’ interests;
  • Dividend payments are made using the Company’s after tax profit (the Company’s net profit). The Company’s net profit is determined based on Federal Grid Company’s accounting reports. Dividends are distributed among shareholders in direct proportion to the number of shares that the shareholder has in the appropriate category (type);
  • The announced dividend size includes taxes retained from shareholders;
  • In cases provided for by applicable Russian Federation legislation, Federal Grid Company does not have the right to make decisions about (announce) dividend payments on shares and also does not have the right to pay announced dividends on shares.