Via its maintenance and repair activities, Federal Grid Company has the following goals: to upgrade the reliability of the UNEG, to improve usage efficiency for the Company’s equipment, and to effectively utilize resources to develop and maintain the UNEG.

Maintenance and repair activities are based on the following principles:

  • Complying with normative and technical documents;
  • Minimizing increases in technological and economic risks;
  • Analyzing technological violations;
  • Overseeing the results of implementation from previous periods;
  • Adhering to legislative requirements and limits established for applicable electric companies;
  • Meeting key performance indicators;
  • Remaining within budget limits;
  • Complying with regulatory requirements.

Starting in 2011, Federal Grid Company will base its maintenance and repair program on a rolling schedule with a planned five-year horizon and one-year steps.

Principal types of maintenance and repair for Federal Grid Company include:

  • Grid line clearing;
  • Replacing insulators;
  • Repairing and strengthening the foundation for overhead transmission line support/li>
  • Replacing protective earth wires;
  • Replacing vent fingers;
  • Repairing and strengthening supports for the overhead transmission lines;
  • Repairing automatic transformers/transformers
  • Repairing reactors;
  • Repairing bushings;
  • Repairing disconnecting switches;
  • Repairing circuit breakers;
  • Replacing stick-pedestal insulators for circuit breakers and bus structures;
  • Repairing compressors;
  • Repairing storage batteries.

As part of its 2010 repair campaign, the Company carried out the following activities at its units:

  • Clearing more than 29,000 ha of electricity transmission line routes;
  • Replacing 52,101 isolates and 172 km of protective earth wires;
  • Repairing and strengthening 1,326 supports at overhead transmission lines;
  • Working on 302 phases of auto-transformers, 18 phases of shunt reactors, 2,267 disconnecting switches, 7,332 circuit breaker phases and 235 compressors;
  • Replacing 129 bushings.

Principal priorities for the 2010 Target Programs include:

  • A porcelain insulation replacement program for overhead transmission lines;
  • A protective earth wires replacement program for 220-500-kV overhead transmission lines;
  • Grid-line clearing program;
  • Chemical cleaning program for grid lines;
  • High-voltage bushings replacement program;
  • Reliability improvement program for optical IC;
  • Program for restoring the reserve phase to normative conditions.

As part of the Target Program, the Company carried out the following activities:

  • Clearing more than 24,370 ha of electricity transmission line routes;
  • Logging 1,730 trees that could potentially fall on electricity transmission line cables;
  • Replacing 713 high-voltage bushings, 30,367 stick-pedestal insulators, 140,870 porcelain insulators and 2,002 km of protective earth wires.

In 2010 total financing for the Company’s maintenance, repairs and target programs was RUR12,436 million. During the reporting period, the Company met 106% of its technical maintenance and repair plan, which represents a 6.7% improvement compared with 2009. All necessary repairs and technical maintenance activities at the UNEG units during the review period were carried out in full and on schedule.